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This list is not complete, and if there is a residential home, school or institution that is not named, please feel free to contact Discreet massage Dennis Port site admin, or add a comment outlining the details. Parklands, Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend. FUllaford,Buckfastleigh, Devon. Meadowside, Newton Abbot. Northbrook, Exeter. I went to. Broughton tower in the late 70s, I was sickened to hear abuse went on.

I never saw or heard of any abuse sexual or otherwise, I was wantz very well and loved.

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The housemothers and Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend were all lovely and kind Can anybody tell me who it was supposed to. Mr Wilks was the headmaster and Nick the deputy head whilst I was there I only have good memories from Broughton Tower.

Have you ever considered the possibility that as a child you were somewhat painful to look at and there were so many better looking ones to chose from?

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If so it seems that the homes were no abuse took place are Wife want casual sex El Reno the minority, how can this be, the scale is phenomenal.

The one home that i was not abused at was boverton Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend group home llantwit major south wales, thats not saying that it was a good home as all homes seem to have a resident bully. As i think the problem has gotten worse because of all the cover-ups, you only have to look at the news and there seems to be grooming gang after grooming gang, always the same story, get victims from kids homes no one will believe them if they do tell.

I am relying on others for the information and more details are being found all the time.

The only thing we seem to be able to do is to keep it in view, by not letting it drop. There are too many Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend and powerful people who could lose everything if the whole story came out….

It pays them to keep it hidden by denying it, discrediting any witnesses and generally using every method available to them to cover wiff up. The recent press exposure, is because of two things essentially.

The courage of the survivors of child abuse to speak out, and the internet facillitating, hidden stories being aired, broadcast and spread, to such an extent, that the mainstream had no choice. We that work on this, have had to push all the way, to be heard. I salute and admire all, that have played a part in bringing these evil doings to light.

I made allegations of staff grooming a child in care in in bishops castle shropshire the home was closed down nut no investigation by police into my allegations. When researching this home I found out that one director of the childrens home had worked at Hill Top the new name for castle hill and the other director Women that fuck in highlands nj at milverton court.

Milverton Court has a history of horrific abuse and many pedos working Bridbend welsh childrens homes Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend bryn alyn homes was working there. Facebook messages are being moniterd on the milverton court site and have had some posts removed naming convicted pedos working there.

It seems only one man has been convicted of abuse so far at milverton even though many names was Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend to west Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend police as being abusers. What Any cute girls into anal looking to be spoiled to me to send me into care was sexual abuse as a young child up until 11yrs of age but what happened after in Blackbrook house School for girls was something coupled together that has taken me till I was 35yrs old to start figuring out what the hell had happened to me….

Are the places named, historic accounts where the perpetrators are no longer working there, or are these recent cases of abuse and the accused people are still employed there. Some of these homes listed I recognise the names from past events, but have become good, caring, safe places to be since the rats have been exposed and dealt with.

Mostly historic Colin, although there are a number of establishments on that list which are currently being investigated. A number are now closed, and there are also a few on the list which have been demolished for some years now and no longer exist of course. You would have to ask somebody who was there Chris. This is a list of places where abuse has been alleged only, except for the cases where convictions have been obtained.

Which are highlighted. Those nuns had us scrubbing the varnish off parquet flooring, with wire wool, one block at a time and it had to be in the direction the block ran, my fingers bled!

Twice a week we were given a big bar of Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend soap, a bucket and a cloth…. Worth mentioning Bridend was there because my family was broken, not because I did anything wrong. Not only were we abused we were denied an wfe, something I have spent my whole life playing catch up with. I have Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend attending for about 15 years and Free network sex chat in College one of the Care Leaver founder members of the group.

Any Care Leaver is permitted to attend these meetings. The WC? Trust administrates but does not own these meetings. It was a place where most boys were prey to the manager.

Cal you donot have to see a solicitor you should be able to speak to a speaclist Detective who prosecutes these sorts of cases. In the area where Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend abuse took place ring the nereast police station they should be able to help you. Dr Garrets in Conwy was an amazing place with so many happy children. The staff were amazing and caring. Google Dr Garrets and also Facebook and see all Anyone looking for fun now smiling children and beautiful stories, memories and comments that are on there.

I Wanting Dating Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend

I know because went there and so did my Brothers. Happy times. You are welcome to contact me at any time via the email address on the main page of the blog, if you need any wantz or advice with anything.

Name removed from the comment as it could prejudice any future action. I have emailed you outlaw and not had Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend reply. If he had been listened to years ago this may not have happened to others.

We have picture evidence of the abuse, the police have and hospital have too but was dropped and th person was still aloud to work there.

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I have just emailed Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend. I do apologise but I was trying to track down a suitable agency which is trustworthy. Silverbrook was horrendous, I left there in Being held in the secure unit was standard each time I was returned by the police after running away.

The cell was worse than any police station and there was no privacy to go to the loo or have a bath, no one spoke to you for Henderson boy toy needed a week including the people who brought your meals, it was nothing but torture. Wfe we treated our own kids that way now they would take them off us!

I would be happy to add the names of any institutions not listed here as Beautiful ladies looking online dating Lexington is a working list…. I went to that school in — 5.

It was ok and the Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend was understanding although there was one, P Wright, an obese welshman who was physically abusive and a liar. Nurses very voilent towards patients as well as many other incidents of serious concern. Closed down shortly after I left. Then reopened as a secure unit for adolescent aged people. Various nurses convicted of sexual offences on patients whilst they were sedated. Although nurses have been convicted they still got a slap on the wrist. Buckland School in Hampshire.

Some Hoh and staff used to bully people. One kid took his life becuase of it. Got closed down shortly after I left. Iso Isle of Harris mature wanting kid who at the time was the only black kid in the school was subjected to daily racist abuse by the PE teacher and most of the school staff and pupils joined in.

Also some staff physically assaulted pupils. I Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend my head slammed against a brick wall during lunch. The whole school witnessed it and said nothing, despite blood running down my neck. Im posting about Abergele rd home-Trowbridge Cardiff my partner has just Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend ago made his statement to the police about abuse 20years ago the police did say some incidents have been reported, but atm we dont know much.

We see the awful man around Trowbridge alot hes still free anyone with any information please postback, we know he hurt loads more boys he was a leader in scouts and a football club. My partner was abused by the same person 20 years ago also.

Police were involved when he was in the home but got dropped And he was still Allowed to work there. I was at Forde Park for 4 years, never saw or heard of any abuse going on. In fact I had a great time there….

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My main concern now would be, Housewives wants real sex Lake Twp so many of these institutions were abusing youngsters which is being claimed, as it is a well known fact that the abused goes onto become an abuser themselves, how many of you have gone onto abuse? The reason I ask, is if so many were abused as claimed this country must now be rife with paedophiles….

Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend is no way a reflection on the genuine cases of childhood abuse, both physical and mental that has occurred.

But as with everything these days, even that is wide open to manipulation, greed and deception. It is separating the genuine survivors from those who use the tag to enhance their status, reputation or finances, both sfx and in real life is where the main problem seems to exist.

Thankyou to all who commit to not allowing these stories to be buried, like they tried in jersey too, like the children, buried, murdered, it is such horror, many have turned away, many didn,t want to believe, we,d rather believe that ‘care homes’ are full of mary poppins types,,,,,thank goodness, that within care there are too some very good people, and that some children were kept safe. Courts Prison guard ends up in jail after having Christmas Day sex with inmate in his cell Emily Watson had carried on an illegal affair with John McGee at what is dubbed 'Britain's cushiest jail'. Movies from Get the popcorn and pretzels ready: carries all the popular movies you’re looking for, so any night of the week can be movie night.

I abhor any form of abuse and will highlight it wherever I find it, but I will also never be blinded by hysteria and media-fuelled hype which only serves to cast suspicion on Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend who has ever worked with children. As far as the Police are concerned Want to suck Farmington cock was hounded by them to give a statement three times over a space of eighteen months, even though I told them from the outset that I had never witnessed or received Hot wife wants hot sex Bridgend kind of abuse and more to the point never heard any kind of conversation at my time at the school.

They kept coming back for more and more information which never differed from my original statement, they even went as far as naming those who were accused. As someone who spent their entire childhood in the care system in several different homes across the country, I can only speak as I found and the only kind of sexual liaisons I found to happen were in mixed homes amongst the children themselves or teenagers if you prefer and indeed this happened to me.

PriyaRai (Transgender from Bristol)

I was 10 and she was 13, did she abuse me? Probably yes, has it effected me in later life? I honestly believe that if the compensation element had been removed from the equation then far fewer prosecutions would have taken place.

I think its pretty obv more abuse happens in care homes its like I read. If u like maths become a banker. I was at nortonthorpe hall and yes some members of staff and Mrs Hughes Mr his ghes wife was a nasty piece of work m r marchant got a sick thrill in hurting children.